Thursday, July 23, 2009

SkinDeco-I Nuovi Celebrity Series - Week Three:Bronze Goddess

The last celebrity series contes, bronse goddess!!

do not miss it!!!

make up-purple smokey eyes

Did a purple make up a few days ago, to enter the contest at

I found bare purple looked not nice on me, so i changed it to smokey purple eyes~
quite satisfied with the result but i know there are spaces to improve~

Just share..

nail arts-"starry starry night"

Another nail art using the stamp. a trial~

  1. apply dark colour as base ie. black, dark blue , so the base look ike a night sky
  2. apply yellow/while colour in the plate , choose the icon of stars or moon
  3. stamp the icons on to the nails as creative as possible
  4. apply top coat

What i used:

  • Konad stamp kit
  • revlon dark pleasurer