Sunday, December 15, 2013

[travel] Singapore.

  Just some pictures of me walking around in Singapore~ 
No introduction as I dont quite remember the places and buildings. 
All I did was walking alone in Singapore around Orchard road towards Raffle city using a map. 
It was a relaxing, tiring but enjoying trip~

Hauls from JPO-Part two

Other pics of my second hauls from Johor Premium Outlet(JPO) on the next day. 
check out hauls from JPO- part one


As we can see from the picture above,  I bought 2 Puma bags, some Evita Peroni hair clips, two pairs of Nike slippers, a Puma cap, a Nike singlet and some stickers. 

  I dont have many pics for the hauls but I will list out the prices (as I can remember) here:
  • Puma black handbag RM 30
  • Puma purple waterproof big bag RM 30
  • Nike slippers RM 10 a pair
  • Evita Peroni hair clip big RM 100
  • Evita Peroni butterfly hair clips RM 19 each
  • Nike singlet RM 20

Puma cap ( around RM20)


These are not bought in JPO but from a local store namely " Mr. DIY" 
there were lots of cheap and nice stickers for phone case, mirror, compact case..... anywhere you'd like to stick them on 
Price range from RM 3.90 ~ RM5.90, cheap and nice~~

Will definitely go back to shop when travelling to Johor~  It's Cheap, Fun and Enjoyable~

Just one reminder * the goods in JPO are all outdated / off season so they are cheap compare to in boutique goods. There are also very limitede choices eg. sizes/colours and no points accumulation or discount  for member card.

But just sign up online for Premium Outlet VIP member (It's FREE!!) and you are entitled to enjoy extra discounts for certain brands(eg. Coach, Burberry, Michael Kors......)  and also receive newsletter.