Friday, May 8, 2009

make up in sweat-my thoughts

I noticed that in Malaysia, we, except those staying all day in air-cond room, need to bear with the hot climate the whole year.

I am a girl who can easily sweat and sweat a lot. I always do a full face make up even if I now I'm going to walk under the sun. However, I had never complain on my make up being smudge or what.

How did I do that??

I am no expert in make up, but after some thinking and observations, I guess it's due to the foundation.
I applied liquid foundation,follow by concealer,highlighter and loose powder. I had always been looking for good and natural way to apply the foundation as I believe that a good foundation keeps the make up all day long.

I never wipe my face but to press the tissue on sweating and oily area. This can prevent the make up falling/removing from the face.

If I am going to stay till late noon or night, I will bring along the compact powder and do the touch up. My limit is to stay till 3pm if I sweat. After 3pm, I will try to get the chance to touch up. If I really have no time for touching up, I will use oil blotter to absorb the oil on my face. But my face wil look bad compare to morning. Touch up is very important!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Robinson Sale

Pastic bag vitamin and lollipop

I should have post this earlier but I kept forgeting about it.
Just wanna add in now... :P

Just showing what did I get when I attended to the preview sale at Robinson last time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

my 3D fake nails

I got this with another fake nails during MJ sales last year.two for about rm20 i think. Don't remember the price but i am sure they are cheap or I wouldn't have bought them~

The good thing about this is that there is no glue needed. The nails are being stick with some kind of glue or double sided tape and make them sticky for a period of times.

I was not used to it and lost two of them for the first time i wore them.

After being cold-stored for a few months, I took them out and try again . I found the glue is still sticky and I felt better after experiencing it once.

I will definitely use them again during emergency or lazy days~

Just be careful when you are wearing fake nails. They can fall easily if you never treat them softly~

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