Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parkson Pavilion christmas party 2012

2011 Parkson Pavilion Christmas party was AWESOME!!!!!


 Hauls from Anna Sui :

 Hair Treatment Kit 

Beauty Mirror L

Top Coat N 
Base Coat 

Eyebrow Color Compact

FREE GIFTSssssssss

Estee Lauder Micjael Kors set

I got the gold one

It's a value pack came with this set of skin cares
I never shop at Estee Lauder as the SA was really stingy and did not even give me sachets of samples
NONE!!!! even I requested many times 
They said it's value pack and no gifts should be given
I spent  more thn RM300 here and that's the service I received!!!
What a lousy company~

However, Parkson was generous as there were free gifts given for every RM300 spent!!!
Below are the gifts I got from Parkson

A goodies bag with SKII products!!
WHat a surprise!

cleansing gel,moisturizer and a piece of mask

and also
Shiseido goodies bag!!!!!

sample of  sun cream, Zen man cologne, Zen woman perfume,eye cream, 
whitening serum and a piece of mask!!!!!! 

That's why I love Parkson!!!

Wait!!!! there were more gifts to be collected!!!
Random gifts to hand out in the hall during the party and I got this: L'oreal menexpert cleansing gel
I was in a rush last year and only manage to get one gift
I got more the year before!!! ((^o^))

Last but not least, I read from the invitation cad and knew that there will be gifts for HSBC credit card users in the party
So, I brought my mom along and swapped her card and pay her with cash so I am eligible for these:
 Petit Rose hand towel and bath tower!!!!
I will definitely not gonna miss this year's christmas party!!!!!!