Friday, March 19, 2010

review: lipgloss from Taiwan

Got this as a gift from a lovely lady when I travelled in Taiwan.
This is an unknown brand lip gloss, but the colour of the gloss was nice~

it's like purple-pink, non-shimmery gloss.
Got complement when i wore this.

nail art- "elegant princess"

Did it myself

short nails~

  1. apply soft colour as base
  2. apply the very shinny colour as french manicure
  3. arrange the rhine stones/stickers on the nails
  4. apply top coat

cost me about rm5(bought in Taiwan 3 years ago)
nail colours :
  1. Elianto nail colour 33 peach
  2. Elianto nail colour 16 shimmer pink

review:majolica majoca- automatic eyeliner in black

bought this MM eyeliner when watson was having 30% off.
it's not expensive compare to the brands I normally used.

have a look

the brush wa white before using

when the liner same out, the brush became dark

I don't quite like this eyeliner for

  1. I turned the cap for more than the suggested times (20) only I saw the liner came out..frustated
  2. The amount of liner coming out is hard to control
  3. non-waterproof as I sweat a lot
  4. smudge easily!!!!

but it is quite handy and travel frinedly~

It is BETTER than the COSWAY & MISSHA liquid eyeliner

but WORSE than BODY SHOP liquid & SHU UEMURA pencil eyeliner

I will definitely not buying it again...

want to finish it fast as I cant wait to try my Anna Sui liquid eyeliner .... :P

review : Missha- eyeliner

My first try on Missha products. I bought this and a masscara long time ago..

this is quite easy to be used

but nothing special, not really impressed me.

cant remember wether it is waterproof or if it smudge, but wont be repurchasing it again~

still looking for better eyeliner~~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

review: CLarins-hydraquench smoothing gel

I cant remember where I got this from, the workshop or tru e-voucher??

This is a travel-size Hydra Quench Smoothing Gel.

The scent smell like Jasmine and I quite like it.

The texture is waterly

the gel was absorbed quickly

This is not bad but my only question is I didnt find any difference on my what's the result actually Shall I see?

Or may be it just doesnt show on my skin much?

I feel that Clarins skin care are normally give a bit or no obvios results to my skin.

I may not buy their skin care in the future but I do like their cosmetics~~even thou I dont own one :P

nail art- "rainbow on the nails"

Did it myself:

  1. get the seven rainbow colours
  2. apply on the nails according to your liking
  3. apply a shinny coat
  4. put the stickers
  5. apply top coat

nail colours:
all from Elianto (names to be updated soon)

  1. Elianto nail care 14 chili red
  2. Elianto nail care 18 orange red
  3. Elianto nail care 23 yellow
  4. Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  5. Elianto nail care 25 aqua
  6. Elianto nail care 29 bue splash + 37 violet red
  7. Elianto nail care 37 violet red
  8. Elianto nail colour 03 shine opal
sticker from Daiso

once upon a dinner @ Popeye

I believe that many of us had tried his fast food before.

Just some thoughts to share.

The prices are affordable, not too expensive.

coleslaw, I don't eat this.....

their whipped potato is quite special. totally different from KFC's. a lot of spices used for this dish

cheese cake, not bad. but too small for me&my sis to share~~

the chicken were not good, I prefer KFC's
The biscuit(?) was too powdery and I don't like it

I had never been to Popeye for the second time as I don't need to since the food is just so so....

review: L'occitane body shower gel

Just a shrt post after a long break~
This L'occitane shower gel is very common to be seen in their value sets or free gifts.

I like this a lot as it is really travel friendly~
The scent is quite strong but not over which I felt calm after showering with it.

the design of the tap make it tight and the size is adorable.

The only bad thing I hate this is that it can't be refilled.

Choose either throw it or keep it after finishing the shower gel. what a waste....