Saturday, August 8, 2009

make up by bobbi brown

Went for the bobbi brown make up a few weeks ago.

the make up look i got was very natural which i can hardly see the eyeshadow.
however, it's a new try for me as i always go for a bit heavy eyes make up.

The service was just so so, nothing impressed.since it's free, what else to complain?

the products, not really impressed me too. The eyeliner in these picture was darken by my liquid eyeliner as their liners were really really light. ( it was a gel liner the girl used.)

The SA seemed not wanting to get me to become their regular customer and i just had a look at their products and asked if there were any promotions before leaving the counter.

The SA told me that there will be a sale on 31 August 2009 in Jusco, one utama. u get rm10 voucher with every rm100 purchases make.

I'm not sure if i will get something from BB, but the sale is really attracting~
will try to go if i'm available

make up- golden brown eyes

In conjunction with the contest organized by previously, i did this golden brown eyes make up.

Just some gold and brown colours to get this look.
They are hard to show in my photo as my skin is quite fair. :P

nail art- "sweety candy"

did it myself:
  1. apply base colour-pink
  2. apply top colour which i used green when pink is dried.
  3. get some sweet colours , apply on top of the nail colors with tooth pick
  4. dot as many as you like with any style.
  5. apply top coat
Ta Da~~~

Nail colour:
  1. Elianto nail colour 26 new pearl pink
  2. Elianto nail care 27 mink brown
  3. Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  4. Foxey nail polish BUB
  5. Elianto nail colour 45 shimmer green
  6. other colours,...

Bali beach's nail art

Did my nails art in Bali on the second last day at the Kuda beach.

It was quite cheap compared to M'sia but they did not do the manicure and pedicure.
thus, i still think that it was not a cheap price after bargaining.
(i thought they had mani&pedi...)

Did these for rupiah40000.

the tools was simple, just a sarong for u to sit on the beach, the nail colours were no branded except the white dots of the flowers on my was OPI.
They did the dt by using this:

simple and easy and cheap~

here are my nails: