Friday, July 17, 2009

review-TBS mango body butter

I purchased this body butter together with the promo bag, and i couldn't wait 2try this as TBS's bod butters are best seller.

I took it with me when i was on trip to Bali~~

i was shocked as it was not like cream, but a bit too solid compare to other butters i saw in the shop. Was it supposed to be like that because it's mango?

The texture made it look cheap. I applied everyday after taking bath and i used a lot as it was too solid that it was hard to smooth. this small container last me about 2/3 weeks only!! It is totally not a good deal if I purchased with it's original price.

the smell was fine for me, which was not too strong mango smell. the packing makes the butter hard to get as there was no spatula attached and i hate packing like this.

it was absorbed fast, but not really giving me a moisturized feel.

Overall, I do not recommend anyone to get this, but we can still get other flavours :rose(my favourite fragrance!)

Pros :
  1. nice smell
  2. it's a steal during promotion
  3. absorb fast
  1. bad packeging
  2. bad texture
  3. a little pricey for some
* price to be updates

nails ar- 3D with almost dry nail polish

  1. apply nail colours, do french if u want.
  2. using something sharp:toothpick, get the almost dry colour and apply on nails to create flowers/ dots.
  3. using needle/something sharp to create the flower look.
  4. apply a contrast colour with the flower at the centre of flowers.
  5. apply top coat.

What i used:

  • Foxey-pink colour
  • eianto-mink brown
  • yellow-forgot the name of the brand
  • eleanor-shiny pink

review: whitening mask from Lulan Jina

I got this mask from sis-in-law. it's a whitening mask which includes strawberry and yogurt as the ingredients.

It is a product from Lulan Jina, which i had never heard before but it's famous in Taiwan .

It is simple to be used: apply on cleaned face for 15mins, remove and no need to rinse off.

the liquid was a lot that my face couldn't absorb all, i applied onto my hands and feet but there was still some left. It had a normal speed of absorption.

I could instantly see my face became a little whiten, and shinny.
I felt no irritation nor redness on my face.

It is a good mask which i would recommend, but i do not think it can be easily gotten here, and i am not sure about the market price too.. anyone?

I can say that it is not a high end brand thus, the price must be affordable. (according to the info from net also...)

Pros :
  1. it really whitens the skin
  2. look shinny and fresh after applying
  3. affordable price (should be)
  4. easy to be used
  5. no strong weird smell
  6. a lot of liquid in a pack (which makes us feel it's worth~~)
Cons :
  1. hard to get in malaysia, but it is available online
  2. price varies (as there are some different sellers,the cheapest i saw was rm2.50/piece)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Is your skin clean enough??

Is yourSkin Clean Enough??

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SkinDeco-I Nuovi Celebrity Series - Week Two: Smoked Siren

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