Friday, July 17, 2009

review: whitening mask from Lulan Jina

I got this mask from sis-in-law. it's a whitening mask which includes strawberry and yogurt as the ingredients.

It is a product from Lulan Jina, which i had never heard before but it's famous in Taiwan .

It is simple to be used: apply on cleaned face for 15mins, remove and no need to rinse off.

the liquid was a lot that my face couldn't absorb all, i applied onto my hands and feet but there was still some left. It had a normal speed of absorption.

I could instantly see my face became a little whiten, and shinny.
I felt no irritation nor redness on my face.

It is a good mask which i would recommend, but i do not think it can be easily gotten here, and i am not sure about the market price too.. anyone?

I can say that it is not a high end brand thus, the price must be affordable. (according to the info from net also...)

Pros :
  1. it really whitens the skin
  2. look shinny and fresh after applying
  3. affordable price (should be)
  4. easy to be used
  5. no strong weird smell
  6. a lot of liquid in a pack (which makes us feel it's worth~~)
Cons :
  1. hard to get in malaysia, but it is available online
  2. price varies (as there are some different sellers,the cheapest i saw was rm2.50/piece)

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