Friday, March 13, 2009

review: Pure & Mild Moisture Travel Kit for oily skin

I grabbed this set of travel size pure & mild skin care during Metrojaya sales at Mid Valley last year. It was very cheap and my boy and I decided to give it a try. Mine is for oily skin while his is for dry skin.As you can see, the normal price wa RM8.90 but we got it much lower than that!!

This is a travel size packet and comes with small bottles. There are 3 basic skin care : cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. Here are the pix of the ingredients respectively: (sorry for bad pox ,i was using hp for these.)
cleanser toner moisturiser

The cleanser did it job nicely. I felt clean after using it. The only thing I do not like about it was the smell. It smells like detergent which reminds me of the toilets...haha.

The toner, nothing much to say since I felt nothing about it....but the smell is better than the cleanser,at least not that strong.

The moisturiser, smells the best with a bit lemon fragrance inside, i think. it was non-greasy nor oily.absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin feel creamy or oily.

I did not see the special effect of this skin care set and even though they did not cause me any breakouts, I will not buy them againas there is nothing special about them.I would rather spend more on something that help to improve my skin.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my nails "autmn princess"

did it myself. apply any light colour as base. wait till nail colour dry and put the sticker anyway of your choice. apply shimmer colour and top coat after all.

nail colour:
Elianto nail care27 mink brown
Elianto nail

nail art:
3D nail seal

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

review: Clarins Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion for oily skin

I have oily skin and always looking fro something that's good for oil control/absorb.
There came a chance and I bought the Clarins Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion for oily skin.

Let's look what the product claims:

Here are the ingredients :

This is a moisturiser applied after toner ans any serums. I tried it for more than a month now and I found that this lotion did control the oiliness of my face at first. However, I could hardly see any different after some times using it.

I guess this is because the oil on my face was controlled at the maximum level now and that's explained the less improvement after that. As oil is also important to balance the ph value of our face and to protect our face from being de-hydrated, there is no way we want to clean all the oil from the face,right?

Thus, I would say that this product did it job effectively and perfectly!!

lovely testers~

There were a lot of promotions and new products launch during the Valentines' Day. I can not remember the exact timing but I think it's after the 14th of Feb, I went to a shopping complex with my boy and we stopped at The Body Shop.

I knew that they launched a series of rose products and yes! I am a big big big fan of rose!!!

When I wanted to try the EDT. a SA approached and asked me to spray the EDT. on the rose.Hey, what a lovely idea to change the paper into rose flowers! You can just bring home the flower or give to your gf if you want. I put mine together with the fake grass pot I bought last time.and I stole two roses but I wanted to steal all the roses actually... :P They are soooooo lovely~~

The smell did last a long time on the flowers but it's not my ideal smell so I skipped these products.

Here are the pictures of my little pot~