Friday, January 1, 2010

bad cupcakes...

bought these cupcakes from a shop at The Gardens,Mid Valley.
3cupcakes cost me RM28
looked very nice~~


can you see the thick layer between the cake and icing?
it's a THICK layer of CREAM!!!!!!

I was not sure when I ate the first cupcakes but when I looked at the second and third, I was pretty sure .

How could people put a thick layer of cupcake just to smooth the surface so they could decorate it with icing???

It was really disgusting and I threw away the cream.

can anyone imagine how small the cake was so they had to insert a thick layer of cream so the cupcake fit the cup?

I paid RM28 for something like these??!!
It was the most unworthy money I spent!!!

I am sure that I will never ever go back to the shop for their cupcakes!!!!!!! yuck~

nail art-"mixed grapes"

Did it myself.

  1. apply purple colour on the sides of nail. leave empty in middle
  2. apply green colour in the middle
  3. use a trnsparent nail colour to smudge the 2 colours.

step 1 and 2

the result

Nail colours:
  1. Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  2. Elianto nail care 37 violet red
  3. In2it transparent

late - promotion by Elianto+Sally Hansen haul

It was the same day with origin event "be the change".

Before the event started, I visited Elianto's booth in front of Jusco. they were having promotion.

I like Elianto's nail polish because it is cheap and have a big variety of colours.

I made a purchese of nail polish above RM100 and I was given a free make up and A4 photo.

my look

my haul:nail colours+nail removers free gifts:ginseng moisturizer+blusher

Then, I went to Watso to buy these:
SallyHansen french manicure, double duty and miracle cure

There were onsale but the discount I got was different from the discount stated in the booklet....
got cheated?

Here is a brief review of the Elianto Ginseng Moisturizing Cream.
It came in a long but thin tube.

The texture was smooth and a bit watery.

However, I did not finish it and it was my first time being so watefu by throwing away something when it was still full.
I am not a person who like to waste if you know me but I could hardly bear with the plastic-like scent of this cream!!!!!

There was no Ginseng scent but a very very strong plastic smell!!!
I asked otheres to tell me what was the smell and the answers were the same : plastic-like!!!!!!!
I dared not to apply it on my face ad discarded it while it was still full.....

I would rather wasted it... Who know if there would be redness/pathcess/allergic caused?

The conclusion: I will never ever buy any face products from Elianto...

I wonder if there are people liking their face products os anyone had the same experince???