Friday, January 1, 2010

bad cupcakes...

bought these cupcakes from a shop at The Gardens,Mid Valley.
3cupcakes cost me RM28
looked very nice~~


can you see the thick layer between the cake and icing?
it's a THICK layer of CREAM!!!!!!

I was not sure when I ate the first cupcakes but when I looked at the second and third, I was pretty sure .

How could people put a thick layer of cupcake just to smooth the surface so they could decorate it with icing???

It was really disgusting and I threw away the cream.

can anyone imagine how small the cake was so they had to insert a thick layer of cream so the cupcake fit the cup?

I paid RM28 for something like these??!!
It was the most unworthy money I spent!!!

I am sure that I will never ever go back to the shop for their cupcakes!!!!!!! yuck~

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