Saturday, June 20, 2009

once upon a lunch@ fish&co

Once upon a time, we had lunch at Fish&Co.

I ordered the fish & chips, he ordered the spaghetti with mussels.

mine taste good, just that the sauce on the fish was too little that i felt not good enough.the spaghetti was so so, not so good but not too bad.

prices were wise, a little high compare to the cafes but as it located in one utama, the prices were considered as reasonable and some may think low~

they did not give any sauces :chili sauce/ mayonnaise.. you will need to ask for them and they had no enough man power so you will need to wait. how long for waiting? depends on your luck..

i finished 2 plaes of mayonnaise

the interior design was good, it made you feel like your in a boat or in a fishing village.the lighting was not deem but yellowish.

they had their logo printed on the tissue. if yu are acollector, you ay like it.

the little american flag served with my fish&chips

the menu

I put them myself~

i put them on myself. first time was under the help from the shu uemur's artist....
not so bad?
but not nice too...

Friday, June 19, 2009

DIY: pretty dried flower pot

Having too many dried flowers but no way to allocate them?
why don't make them a new ome and give them a new life by DIY -ing?

what do you need?
  1. a cup / tin / can or any container of your choice
  2. ribbon or wrapping paper
  3. small stones or sand
  1. clean the container and wipe dry
  2. put in the stones or sand, 3/4 of the container full (depends on the amount and the length of the flowers)
  3. insert the flowers and arrange them nicely, do not forget to add some leaves too~
  4. wrap the paper outside the container or tie the ribbon
notes: the wrapping paper can be placed inside the container before putting in the stones.

*every steps are adjustable and any items of your choice can be added too.
just create your own pot , and place it any place you like.

I paced it on the top of a rak, in front of the books~

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

my first&second stamping nails~

I borrowed the stamping nail kit from sister and started to pay with it.
it creates nice nail arts if you can handle it well...
Me? not really ... :P

nails art tips-3D nail ars

the yellow and green were the almost but not yet dried up nail colours

getting 3D nail art are expensive, huh?
never mind, i learnt to do the 3d nail arts myself without spending like hell~~
and it's non-professional and thus, the result wwas a bit........

ok, actually the 3Deffect can be created by using the old and almost but not dried up yet nail polish.

Which meansif the nail polish is drying up but you can still get a ittle bit of the colour, do not throw it away but use it as your nail arts' clour and ta da~ a 3D effect will show~

another nail arts. nice nails if you see them from high, but ugly wen you look near.. so call non-proff

too many photos, just make sure at least I uploaded them
even though without description... :P

happy birthday to psk~

it's not easy to run a bog, especially if you are not a full time and are not paid for blogging.

Here, The Plusizekitten is having her birthday now~~~

all info about the sales, movies and some common things can be read here:

it's really informative and fun!!
browsing tru a nice bog is better than spending the times playing games...
Happy birthday to PSK~~~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my nails....

did these myself

  1. base colour of your choice
  2. darker colour and do french manicure.
  3. apply top coat.

Nail colour :
  • Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  • Docile

  1. apply base colour.
  2. apply second layer with different colour at half of the nail.
  3. apply third layer on 1/3 of the nail with another colour.
  4. place the rhine stone on nails as wished.
  5. apply a clear shinny top.
  6. apply top coat.

Nail coour:
  • Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  • Foxey nail polish BUB
  • Elianto nail care 55 cyber sky
  • Elianto
  • Rhine stones sponsored by a lil gal~
  • the face shop top coat