Saturday, June 20, 2009

once upon a lunch@ fish&co

Once upon a time, we had lunch at Fish&Co.

I ordered the fish & chips, he ordered the spaghetti with mussels.

mine taste good, just that the sauce on the fish was too little that i felt not good enough.the spaghetti was so so, not so good but not too bad.

prices were wise, a little high compare to the cafes but as it located in one utama, the prices were considered as reasonable and some may think low~

they did not give any sauces :chili sauce/ mayonnaise.. you will need to ask for them and they had no enough man power so you will need to wait. how long for waiting? depends on your luck..

i finished 2 plaes of mayonnaise

the interior design was good, it made you feel like your in a boat or in a fishing village.the lighting was not deem but yellowish.

they had their logo printed on the tissue. if yu are acollector, you ay like it.

the little american flag served with my fish&chips

the menu

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