Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my nails....

did these myself

  1. base colour of your choice
  2. darker colour and do french manicure.
  3. apply top coat.

Nail colour :
  • Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  • Docile

  1. apply base colour.
  2. apply second layer with different colour at half of the nail.
  3. apply third layer on 1/3 of the nail with another colour.
  4. place the rhine stone on nails as wished.
  5. apply a clear shinny top.
  6. apply top coat.

Nail coour:
  • Elianto nail care 48 lemon green
  • Foxey nail polish BUB
  • Elianto nail care 55 cyber sky
  • Elianto
  • Rhine stones sponsored by a lil gal~
  • the face shop top coat

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