Thursday, May 27, 2010

nail art-"summer love"

Did it myself:

  1. apply a very light/clear base colour
  2. choose a 2/3 colours which match well
  3. apply the colours on the tip of nail in stripes
  4. vary their sequence to get better results
  5. when they r dried, apply tickers of your choice(dark colour is better) on the nails
  6. top up some dots/curvy lines foe better appearance
  7. apply a shinny top colour
  8. top coat

Nail colour:
  1. Elianto nail colour 23 yellow
  2. Elianto nail colour 25 aqua
  3. Elianto nail colour 03 shine opal
  4. Elianto nail colour 35 thistle
  5. Anna Sui nail colour N 101
  6. Etude house mini french 06-silver
  7. Etude house nail sticker

nail art- "funcky pinky"

Did it myself :
  1. apply base colour,choose a dark and matte colour for better result
  2. using the tip of nail brush, do the dots to create flowers
  3. use different colours for petals and centre
  4. using glittering nail colour, draw some lines around the flowers.(lines can be curvy/straight/dotted...)
  5. apply top coat

Nail colour:
  1. Foxey nail polish BUB
  2. Etude House
  3. Etude House
  4. Etude House

review : ettisais whitening mask

This is a 2-piece mask. I like it for:
  • think layer of sheet
  • no irritation/allergy
  • a lot of liquid on the mask
  • 2-piece which make it easy to apply on my face
  • simple packing

However, I will not repurchase it for:
  • results were not obvious
  • expensive compare to some good masks
  • only avaliable at Isetan
others may get impressived results, but not me~