Sunday, November 24, 2013

[travel] Sarawak Cultural Village. Sarawak. M'sia

Went Kuching, Sarawak with extended family last year. 
It was fun and saved a lot as his uncle was living there and gave a lot of help!!
one of the must go tourist spot is this famous Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV).
It is a bit far from Kuching town and made us thought we were lost but still, manged to reach. 
It occupies a very large area and there are really a lot of locals' traditional houses to visit. Some of the houses even come with the workers to perform traditional dances, art work, activities.......
It's quite shady in SCV biut if you are travelling with elders, just becareful with the steps as some houses were built more than 2/3 stories above the ground. 
There were lots of chairs to rest and it is a really good place to take photos.


There was traditional Sarawakian performance at certain time. Make sure you won't miss it when you are here. It's the only place with air-conditioner and the show was really nice~

Opposite SCV was a newly built hawker centre+souvenir shops. It was right beside the sea, May be plan the trip to SCV after lunch, bring some snacks and after this, have your dinner at the hawker centre and enjoy the sun set before heading back to Kuching town.

Tried and Finished

let's see :

  • Shiseido Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion S
   Shiseido Aqaulabel skin care range had been selling in the market for a long time. It's so much cheaper compare to Shiseido skin care and thus, attracts many customers. 

 I bought all the basic 3-step skin care: cleanser, toner and moisturiser.
I have never be the sensitive type of girls and not having much problems on my skin, or may be i dont dare? 
as expected, this range didn't really show me special or shocking result. At least, it didn't break me out.

  will I repurchase? I dont think so since the range itself is not that cheap and didnt really impress me. I would rather try something else.


  • Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

  This is a gift I got in the Parkson Christmas Party 2012 goodies bag. A whole packet of Shiseido gifts~~

I never had wrinkle around my eyes, thanks god. Perhaps it's because I had started using eye cream since early twenties ~~ 

I am concerned about wrinkles, especially around my eyes. I like this bottle for it light texture. Since eye cream is needed only a tiny bit for both eyes, this small 3 ml bottle lasted me quite a long time.... cant remember how long it was.

Though there was no obvious result but I still think eye cream is very important and necessary in wrinkle prevention step. 


nail art- luxury cute nails


  1. apply base coat & follow by a bright nail colour after it is dried.
  2. apply the darker nail colour eg. navy blue on the nails. make different patterns as shown.
  3. apply heart-shape stickers on the nails when the bright colour is half dried.
  4. using nail art pen, make some dots on the part dark colour parts.
  5. stick the rhinestones of your choice eg; white round stones on the boundary of the colours.
  6. never forget to apply top coat to seal your masterpiece~



Nail Colours:

  • Anna Sui nail color 333
  • unknown brand nail colour- navy blue
  • stickers bought in night market
  • pearl white rhinestones bought in Daiso