Wednesday, September 29, 2010

nail art- "simply blinky "

Did it myself

  1. apply platinium pearl(shimmery pear colour) as base
  2. apply shimmer pink and shimmer violet alternately by doing french manicure
  3. put on the rhinestones and stickers accordingly

Nail colour:
  1. Elianto nail colour 04 platinium pearl
  2. Elianto nail colour 16 shimmer pink
  3. Elianto nail colour 36 shimmer violet
  4. tsuya-tsuya rhinestones
  5. sticker bought from Isetan

review- Popeye fast food

Been to Popeye twice...
Went to the same branch @Mid Valley

Some pictures of my 1st visit~

No idea how it tasted as i don't eat veggie(XD)

cheese cake

mashed potato
not too bad but i prefer KFC's
they add a lot of spices or something i don't know in it

main course-chicken fillet,fried chicken and a biscuit
the biscuit was really lousy
both the chicken were so so, prefer KFC's

just my thoughts~

nail art-" blue + black "

Didi it myself

  1. apply dark blue as base colour
  2. let dry and apply black on it. draw one or two lines on each nail will look nice
  3. top coat

Nail colour:
  1. Elianto nail colour29 blue splash
  2. Revlon dark pleasure blacker lacquer talk dirty