Sunday, July 31, 2011

nail art- just try

simply nails.....

done this by using ruler...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

nail art- elegant french manicure

Did it myself:

  1. apply a light colour as base
  2. using the sticker in Sally Hansen French Manicure set, create the french manicure using white colour
  3. let dry before tearing the stickers out
  4. using black nail polish, simply draw 1 to 3 lines on the white colour part
  5. stick some simply yet elegant's stickers and rhinestones
  6. top coat

Nail Colour:
  • Anna Sui nail color 333
  • Paul and Joe
  • Etude house
  • stickers from Etude house
  • Rhinestones from Tsuya-tsuya

Thursday, February 17, 2011

nail art-A)simply pinky B) luxury pinky

Did these myself:

A) simply pinky

  1. choose a sweety pink as base
  2. apply nail stickers of flower with rhinestones

B) luxury pinky
  1. pink colour as base
  2. for the thumb, apply a dark purple on 3/4 of the nail
  3. for the other fingers, use glitter gold and silver to draw some lines on the nails
  4. using 3D nail art pen, draw some dots on top 1/4 part of all fingers
  5. choose a big rhinestone and apply on the middle of the thumbs