Monday, December 7, 2009

late -Origins event "be the change"

Thanks to Miu, I got the chance to attend this event at The Gardens. It was basically an event about asking the public to save the world+prize giving. Nothing much to tel as I had already forgotten most of the speeches and agendas.. :P

Just some photos to upload...

the refreshment provided, very good

the emcee
personnel from origins
personnel from hot magazine


2nd and 3rd(i cant remember who was 2nd who was 3rd...)

not much info as I can hardly remember the details... for more info please visit miu's blog

nail art-"simple red french manicure" + late update @beauty expo

just a simple french manicure(wanted to test the Anna Sui's nail lacquer)

I went to the last beauty expo months ago because I got a free invitation card from his mum's friend. I went on the last day,Monday.

There were many people Q-ing at the ticket counter,luckily I could redeem my free pass at the trader counter.^^ saved some times....

There were still crowded in the halls.... I got nothing to buy but looking around to find some good deals. The sales/bargains did not attract me as they gave discount only if you purchased many.

their targets were the make-up artists/ nail-art artists....

The best deal was the free goodies bag given by Yokoso Japan. There was a pack of samples including cleanser, moisturizers, masks, firming gels, scrubs.....

I saw the beauty diary mask and I found they were quite expensive compare to the prices I got online and I skipped this.

I wanted to get a nu-bra but the sizes left were A-cup and D-cup bad.

I saw the "sister" magazine and there was promotion which you bought 2 for only RM15 + some free gifts... So I bought.

the free gifts including lip gloss, eye shadow, pouch with mirror, powder, samples of Bio-essence and Rilax and some vouchers.

As for the gifts came with magazines were sample of L'aneige sleeping mask , "Trend" and a Watson active firming mask.

I did not stay long because I had nothing to buy since the deals were not really impressing me...
I would say this is not a good expo for those who don't earn their earning with/ consume a lot if these products. The beauty expo at KLCC is a better place for us to visit .

Sunday, November 29, 2009

warehouse news + haul

Went to three warehouse sales today as I got half day off today.

1.Benefit warehouse sale

First, I went to the Benefit warehouse sales at Menara Millenium. I reached about 2pm and there was only little crowd and also very little products to grab.

I got nothing for myself but two items for my sister : Lemon Aid and Just In Case.
Total spending: RM 110.

For every RM100 you spent, you were entitled for a sample.
The items were quite chep and worth but really not much choices. Just some eyeshadows,lippies,foundations, mascaras and brow pencils.

I was just so lucky to find Just In Case. It contained mini eyecon, benetint, california kissing and some kind-a-gorgeous.RM65 is reasonable for my thought.

Overall,I think there should be more products in the morning but since it would be very crowded,I do not recommend you to go in the early morning if you are not going to grab a lot Also,it's a waste of time if you have nothing to buy.

2.Branded fragrance and cosmetics warehouse sale

I had been at the Benefit's sale for less than one hour and I knew I had time for next stop at Armada Hotel. Off I went to spy at the warehouse sale.

I reached there at 2++pm and there was not much people but not little too. At least there was no Q outside the ballroom.

I had been to this sale last year and I was one of the earliest. I grabbed some cheap items so I planned to come back this year.Ireally like the Paul and Joe's packing so my first stop was the P and J's counter.

Many products such as eyeliners,some face colours were gone very soon. I still managed to grab the nail kit,
stick concealer,
limited edition eye shadows,
a nail polish
and a cleansing milk.

limited edition eye shadows nail polish

the nail and hand care kit(hand cream+ nail protective coat+glove+ metal box)

hand cream nail protective coat

The prices were very satisfactory this year for P and J.As for Givenchy, There was nothing special and the prices were not really that nice for my thought so I ended buying P and J only. The fragrances counters were crowded and I am not so addicted to fragrance so I just walked one round and head to the cashier without taking any perfumes/gift sets.

I spent RM332 here but some of them are for my sister.
It's worth going If you used those perfumes and or cosmetics because they were really cheap for some of them.

*ps Photos to be uploaded soon.

  • Do not bring any bag.
  • Do bring your own recycle bags to reduce the use of plastic bags(I forgot this today...)
  • Avoid going at peak hours so you don't need to Q and waste your time and energy. Unless you wanted something special that will be sold off fast.
  • Do check online or at the counter for what you want so you saved time in picking and asking.

3. Lovely Lace

After the branded warehouse sale, I went to One Utama(1U) for Lovely Lace shopping.
They are having sales at the Bargain until this Sunday.

There were not many choices but if you are looking for Christmas decorations/gifts, they have some cheap and budget products. Some are 3 for RM10, some are merely RM5 each while some are discounting up to 70%!!!

I bought a lot for only RM83 and since I am OneCard member, I was entitle for free gift~

What a steal!!!

I got the cheap things and I got the free gift too! For non-OneCard member, you will get the free gift too if you purchase more than RM100. RM50 for OneCard member! Hey, which is more worth? 

I bought some gifts for friends and family and I am happy to save so much in gifts!
They are selling their aroma therapy oils but with only 10% off. Still a good deal of you like them or are using them and wanna restock.

*ps Photos to be uploaded soon.

Finally, I had done all my warehouse shopping today and I walked in the mall until I came to the Acca Kappa. I remembered that they are actually having promotion now and I really wanna try their brushes. So I went into the shop.

The SA was very nice,friendly and helpful. She asked me to try their brushes in the store so I could experience them. I tried all the promotional and non-promotional brushes. The results were satisfactory and good.

After some introductions and recommendations, I had finally bought the brush 353 and 960 and I got the free travel size brush of 960 .

the 960 and 353

The free travel size brush of 960 lip balm with SPF

I pay only RM250 for these three brushes . It was a steal too~~ I did the calculation earlier when I knew this promotion and I knew I'm gonna buy them!

In order to be their VIP, I bought 2 more lip balm with SPF to hit RM300. I will be having discount in the future purchase.

They have the gift sets for Christmas now but mostly soaps/perfumes/shower gel/lotion. If you like their shower range,it's time to stock up!!

As for OneCard member, do not forget to accumulate your points here~~~

There is a promotion at 1U now: For purchased of RM350 (RM300 for OneCard member), you are entitled for a free gift and calenders. Isn't it's fun shopping at 1U?
Cheap parking fee+ free gift, attractive!!
The free gifts

There were calenders too... forgot to take picture of them.

I love SHOPPING!!!!!