Friday, August 21, 2009

shu fanatic party

It was a busy Tuesday but i still made my way to shu uemura's shu fanatic party @ 1u .

It was a products launching exclusively for invited members and I couldn't believe that I was so lucky to be invited.

There was a door gift given when you entered. The girl helping was the artist I met during the RMK workshop~~~forgot her name...aiks

the door gifts

As I was told, for purchasing RM250 and above, you were entitled or about 5pc free gift + a free customized necklace made by yourself. Tools and materials were provided. Besides, a party should be served with some F&B and some tips also~~

customers are making their very unique necklaces

the refreshments:fruit tarts,spring roll, chicken satay

Then,Frederick Ng, Accredited Artist and Chief Make Up artist of Shu Uemura gave a mini demo on how to apply their autumn cosmetics.

filling the eye area with eyeshadow stick

giving speech

applying the eyeshadow

half face with make up and false eyelash

There was a lady asking question and took me as example. Then, I was asked to be the model. So lucky me?

What Frederick showed was the thick eyeliner. I have inner eyelid and look like single eyelid. Thus, Frederick said all eyes like me need very thick eyeliner so it can be seen. The result:

Thick eyeliner with false eyelash

Tips from Frederick:
  • dab the`eyeshadow so the colours show & do not fall easily
  • to curl the eyelashes, make sure the curler is placed from up to down
  • to put on false eyelash, move it from up to down too
  • put the mirror at least 45 degree below u to curl the eyelashes & to put on mascara
  • draw thicker eyeliner if you have single eyelids/ inner eyelids
  • you may apply the blusher from the end of the eyes to the cheek for dinner/night make up
  • get your eyebrows trimmed to look prettier
  • practices make perfect!!!

    After all, I enjoyed this party very much.
    Was wanting to make purchase but i forgot to bring along the $$... XD

    Hope that I'll get more opportunities to attend this kind of "party" ~~ ^^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

la senza semi annual sale!

I blogged about la senza sale before. It has come back again~

It is the semi annual sale now~
There is a further markdown now until.... 23 August 2009.

5 panties for only RM55 !!!
2 bras for RM 100!!
baby dolls discount 40%

and many different promotion for different range~

What's more is - you got add 10% discount if you are prestige card member.

Why wait??

check them out in store if you do not want to miss it!!!

nai art- " simple yet mature"

did it myself for my Uni convo.

  1. apply light base colour. 2 times.
  2. get a darker colour, do french manicure in an angle. 2 times.
  3. get a glitter colour, which I think silver match nicely, draw a thin line beneath the darker colour.
    *use something sharp :tooth pick to take the colour and draw if you do not have a pointer-brush.
  4. apply top coat.

Nail clour:

  • Stila
  • Anna Sui nail color 420
  • Elianto 05 glitter silver
  • The face shop top coat

once upon a dinner @ Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

It was a day he decided to bring me for dinner at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe after I had tlking about it since it opened for many many times. We were in Md Valley but we still travel all the way to 1u...

The entrance
(Can you see the white piano at the entrance?)

What's so good about Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe that I kept asking him to dine here?

The best part of it will be the decoration of Europe garden style!!! This was what I had been dreaming about~ I have always want to make my home like this~~

The tables besides entrance

The interior

I forgot to take pictures of our main courses and drinks, but this: mushroom soup~

I think this full of Ajinomoto, but he liked this very much.

taste good ,
moderate of amount,
but gave me a thought: are they adding any Ajinomoto?

Our main courses were chicken and lamb.
Both were so so, nothing surprised.
the lamb was less than rm 30 while the chicken was rm17.90.
Prices were fair, affordable.

The cover of menu
The pot on our tables (costs rm39.90)

These are for selling~

The food were ok only, not really too good or too bad.

but one thing I must say is their service was extremely good.
Those Indian/Bangladesh/unknown race waitress served so so, but there were a waitress and an Indian(I think) lady served really good~~~

Oh, when we were having dinner, we heard some music.
We did not realize it until the Indian lady who served us good clapped her hands.
It was a pianist playing songs...

We did not notice her because the table we sat was unable to see the piano. It was exactly blocked by the pillars.
What a bad design......

As a conclusion:

Pros -
  1. nice concept of the cafe
  2. comfortable environment
  3. nice decoration
  4. good service
  5. fair prices
  6. you can buy the pots/flowers if you like them
  7. clean and bright
  8. A good place to rest after shopping or for friends to gather
Cons -
  1. poor design of space
  2. quite pack as the space is small
  3. people who shopped at VOIR got to see you eating

I will definitely go back again and again and again~@.@

thinking of celebrating my birthday there.... hehe~~

giveaway in plusizekitten

Plusizekitten is giving away Sothy's goodies bag~~

contestends today16/8/09, hurry if noone wanna miss it!!!