Sunday, August 16, 2009

once upon a dinner @ Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

It was a day he decided to bring me for dinner at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe after I had tlking about it since it opened for many many times. We were in Md Valley but we still travel all the way to 1u...

The entrance
(Can you see the white piano at the entrance?)

What's so good about Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe that I kept asking him to dine here?

The best part of it will be the decoration of Europe garden style!!! This was what I had been dreaming about~ I have always want to make my home like this~~

The tables besides entrance

The interior

I forgot to take pictures of our main courses and drinks, but this: mushroom soup~

I think this full of Ajinomoto, but he liked this very much.

taste good ,
moderate of amount,
but gave me a thought: are they adding any Ajinomoto?

Our main courses were chicken and lamb.
Both were so so, nothing surprised.
the lamb was less than rm 30 while the chicken was rm17.90.
Prices were fair, affordable.

The cover of menu
The pot on our tables (costs rm39.90)

These are for selling~

The food were ok only, not really too good or too bad.

but one thing I must say is their service was extremely good.
Those Indian/Bangladesh/unknown race waitress served so so, but there were a waitress and an Indian(I think) lady served really good~~~

Oh, when we were having dinner, we heard some music.
We did not realize it until the Indian lady who served us good clapped her hands.
It was a pianist playing songs...

We did not notice her because the table we sat was unable to see the piano. It was exactly blocked by the pillars.
What a bad design......

As a conclusion:

Pros -
  1. nice concept of the cafe
  2. comfortable environment
  3. nice decoration
  4. good service
  5. fair prices
  6. you can buy the pots/flowers if you like them
  7. clean and bright
  8. A good place to rest after shopping or for friends to gather
Cons -
  1. poor design of space
  2. quite pack as the space is small
  3. people who shopped at VOIR got to see you eating

I will definitely go back again and again and again~@.@

thinking of celebrating my birthday there.... hehe~~

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