Friday, June 19, 2009

DIY: pretty dried flower pot

Having too many dried flowers but no way to allocate them?
why don't make them a new ome and give them a new life by DIY -ing?

what do you need?
  1. a cup / tin / can or any container of your choice
  2. ribbon or wrapping paper
  3. small stones or sand
  1. clean the container and wipe dry
  2. put in the stones or sand, 3/4 of the container full (depends on the amount and the length of the flowers)
  3. insert the flowers and arrange them nicely, do not forget to add some leaves too~
  4. wrap the paper outside the container or tie the ribbon
notes: the wrapping paper can be placed inside the container before putting in the stones.

*every steps are adjustable and any items of your choice can be added too.
just create your own pot , and place it any place you like.

I paced it on the top of a rak, in front of the books~

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