Sunday, January 3, 2010

A birthday luch @ Michealangelo @ Pavilion

It was my birthday. We made it at pavilion as I attended a workshop nearby in the morning.

We chose Michealangelo because of my love for the master pieces...

There was not much customer dining here for lunch and the design was a bit special.
There was a bar right in the middle of the shop

As for inside, you could see a lot of sculptures on the wall.

The kitchen was just beside us. It was an open kitchen.

One thing I did not like here was the utensils.
Look carefully and you could see many scratches on the spoons.
This is so disgusting!!!!!

Our meals:

some kind of chicken with sauce( I can hardy remember the name now...)

this was so so

spaghetti with beef
this was nice! I don't like beef but I like this!

mushroom soup
too little but nice too~ very good. must try!!!

These are what I can remember now about the lunch. I had not return for another dine in after that because there are still a lot of restaurant to try out there~

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