Sunday, January 3, 2010

review: ettusais facial cotton

the facial cotton I used before had a common problem: leaving wool on the face.

this was really annoying.
until one day, I read other blogs and knew there were a lot of better/good cottons that will not leave wool on the face.

this was the third facial cotton I tried which was not leaving anything but toner on my face~

ettusais patting cotton.

It was RM14 for a box of 60. quite pricey.

instructions and introductions behind the box, in Japanese

It even showed us the correct way to use the cottons.

the cotton. very big piece.
one cotton is already enough for me to remove my heavy waterproof eye make up.

I really like this cotton as it did its job perfectly!
After trying the cotton from TBS, Yokoso Japan and etude house,
I must say this is the best~

However, this is also the most expensive.
I saw a Taiwan blogger introduce a cotton like this where she bought in Taiwan's Watson.
I did not notice the price and volume but I guess, tat would be cheaper than this.

  1. dos not leave wool on the face
  2. very big
  3. nice absorption of liquid
  4. nice packing
  5. good quality
  1. a bit pricey compare to some brands
  2. only available at ettusais, Isetan
will I repurchase it?

yes, If they mark down the price or increase the volume.
or when there are no other cottons can impress me.

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