Friday, March 13, 2009

review: Pure & Mild Moisture Travel Kit for oily skin

I grabbed this set of travel size pure & mild skin care during Metrojaya sales at Mid Valley last year. It was very cheap and my boy and I decided to give it a try. Mine is for oily skin while his is for dry skin.As you can see, the normal price wa RM8.90 but we got it much lower than that!!

This is a travel size packet and comes with small bottles. There are 3 basic skin care : cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. Here are the pix of the ingredients respectively: (sorry for bad pox ,i was using hp for these.)
cleanser toner moisturiser

The cleanser did it job nicely. I felt clean after using it. The only thing I do not like about it was the smell. It smells like detergent which reminds me of the toilets...haha.

The toner, nothing much to say since I felt nothing about it....but the smell is better than the cleanser,at least not that strong.

The moisturiser, smells the best with a bit lemon fragrance inside, i think. it was non-greasy nor oily.absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin feel creamy or oily.

I did not see the special effect of this skin care set and even though they did not cause me any breakouts, I will not buy them againas there is nothing special about them.I would rather spend more on something that help to improve my skin.

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