Friday, March 19, 2010

review:majolica majoca- automatic eyeliner in black

bought this MM eyeliner when watson was having 30% off.
it's not expensive compare to the brands I normally used.

have a look

the brush wa white before using

when the liner same out, the brush became dark

I don't quite like this eyeliner for

  1. I turned the cap for more than the suggested times (20) only I saw the liner came out..frustated
  2. The amount of liner coming out is hard to control
  3. non-waterproof as I sweat a lot
  4. smudge easily!!!!

but it is quite handy and travel frinedly~

It is BETTER than the COSWAY & MISSHA liquid eyeliner

but WORSE than BODY SHOP liquid & SHU UEMURA pencil eyeliner

I will definitely not buying it again...

want to finish it fast as I cant wait to try my Anna Sui liquid eyeliner .... :P

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