Friday, May 8, 2009

make up in sweat-my thoughts

I noticed that in Malaysia, we, except those staying all day in air-cond room, need to bear with the hot climate the whole year.

I am a girl who can easily sweat and sweat a lot. I always do a full face make up even if I now I'm going to walk under the sun. However, I had never complain on my make up being smudge or what.

How did I do that??

I am no expert in make up, but after some thinking and observations, I guess it's due to the foundation.
I applied liquid foundation,follow by concealer,highlighter and loose powder. I had always been looking for good and natural way to apply the foundation as I believe that a good foundation keeps the make up all day long.

I never wipe my face but to press the tissue on sweating and oily area. This can prevent the make up falling/removing from the face.

If I am going to stay till late noon or night, I will bring along the compact powder and do the touch up. My limit is to stay till 3pm if I sweat. After 3pm, I will try to get the chance to touch up. If I really have no time for touching up, I will use oil blotter to absorb the oil on my face. But my face wil look bad compare to morning. Touch up is very important!!

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