Sunday, April 19, 2009

KJI & Co.'s World first 24 hours Lip Spa

KJI & Co.'s another product was introduced in The Star. It is the World First 24hours Lip Spa.

According to the article,there are 3 products including in this kit:
  1. Lip Tattoo
  2. Anti Age Lip
  3. Lip Masque Nite Treatment
Details of the products can be found in the pictures above, or in their official website.

The packaging is nice and cute, really a girl-like package. the tubes are also cute~
This is another product from KJI & Co. which I would like to try. Due to its high price and the unnecessary , I will wait for my preferred price to give it a try.

For more details:


  1. Have you tried it yet?
    I'm thinking to try the Lip Tattoo 1, but pricey..I went to sasa, they only sale in set, but not single as what shown in the website, thinking to try when have sales..

  2. hi evoguefashion.
    I did not try this yet because it is pricey~~~ haha ...
    heard that this brand is quite famous in Japan,not bad huh.