Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the mascara I tried

I put a lot of time in my eyes make up.
The must have of my cosmetics are liquid eyeliner and mascara!

I had used a lot of mascara and here are some of those:
  • YSL everlong waterproof mascara-(RM90+)

this is one of the best mascara that I'd tried.

Like :
  1. waterproof
  2. lengthen
  3. volume
  4. hold curl
  5. easy to be removed
  6. non irritating
  7. nice comb
  8. light packing
Dislike :
  1. pricey
  2. not available in Malaysia anymore
It's a repurchase item!!

  • Estee Lauder sumptuous mascara ( gift with purchase)

  1. easy to be removed
Dislike :
  1. not really give volume to eyelashes
  2. nothing impressive
Not gonna buy it~

  • Estee Lauder illusionist mascara-(given by sis)

  1. volume and a bit lengthen
  2. nice packing
  3. easy to remove
  1. not really impressive with the lengthen and volume effects
not gonna buy it~

  • The Body Shop mascara (it came along in a promotional bag)

Like :
  1. easy to remove
  2. nice comb
  1. nothing really impressive
Not gonna buy any mascara from TBS~

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