Saturday, June 5, 2010

review- RMK make up base

Got this as door gift during last RMK workshop.

I thought it was the cream make up base which is their best-seller but instead, I got this: creamy make up base.

Like :
  1. Non-greasy texture
  2. easy to blend
  3. transparent tube which let know how many left
  4. no irritating caused
  5. no annoying scent
  6. brightened my face
  1. The result was nothing special
  2. a bit pricey
  3. colorless which mean it does not tone your skin

the left side had no make up base, the right side had blended make up base
can you see the different?

I actually did not fall in love with it and there's any point for me to repurchase it.

I think any make up base could give the similar results.

I bought Anna Sui's make up base after this was finished.

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