Sunday, November 14, 2010

review-Paul and Joe

Bought these two years ago during their warehouse sale.

1) Intensive Whitening Treatment

as i have fair complexion, this didn't really show good result on my face.

However, the texture was light and not greasy plus no strong scent.

2) 2008 Christmas Set( i think)

There were two fragrances to choose and i bought both as they were extremely cheap in the warehouse sale!!

This is pink colour and the other which i forgot to take photo was purple colour.

Both have nice scent and since there were all travel size, I used only when i travel to lightened my luggage.

There were a Body Lotion, Body Powder , a Solid Perfume and a cute pouch included.
Love them for their lovely scent and cute size.

3) Cleansing Milk

Paul and Joe's products give a light orange scent and doesn't irritate me.
This was used as the final make up remover for me.

I first removed my make up with Shu Uemura cleansing oil followed by this for final removing job.

This is really mild and nice.
I recommended to my sister and we both bought it during the warehouse sale this year in Corus Hotel.

As i don't use much for removing my make up, a bottle can last me for about 1.5 years or more...

really worth the price if u got it in warehouse sale.

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