Sunday, November 7, 2010

Workshop by Jurlique

Attanded Jurlique workshop sometimes back tru It was held @ Royale Bintang Damansara

The registration desk.

staffs were friendly and nice
inside the goodies bag -> voucher and some samples i like the box,so creative

before starting, simply took some photos

started, everybody was paying fully attention

1st lesson was about aroma therapy we got to take home 3 bottles of essential oil

essential oil for : cold and flu muscle relax stress release

we took a short break before continuing to next lesson: facial and we had some light refreshments

proceeded to next lesson

everything were already set on the table during the short break

this is something like shower cap. nice design!!

we cleaned,exfoliated,toned,masked and did many things...

the last was to apply sunblock
a lady who shared the table with me was allergy to Jurlique's sunscreen..

a lesson here: for no matter what the main ingredients are , one can be allergy to some of the products too.
so do try before u buy!!

after all, we redeemed the RM50 for something we thought good for us and i bought their fruit enzyme~

I think this is a really worth-to-go workshop for it cost only RM50 whilst u still get goodies bag worth so much more than RM50!!

the staffs were really nice and friendly and helpful too~

refreshments was ok
but the halls were really freezing!!!!

remember to bring a sweater or what to keep urself warm~~ ^^

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