Friday, February 27, 2009

2nd hand "new" clothes?

Read about this title from Mlaysian Babes Forum. According to the post / link, the SAs of the branded stores seemed to wear the products during their working hours and dried clean ( some were not even cleaned!). Then, they would "return" the products (put back on the rack) and sold them as brand new products!!

This is true!! those who worked in the shops before replied to the thread and admitted the fact.
Do you want to buy something which was wore with a full price?
Do you agree with what those SAs did?
Will the good image of the company be effected?

What did i learn?
Do not buy something before checking carefully which is to make sure they are "new".
Always ask for new products if you really want to buy something.
Not 100% solving the problem but at least we minimised the chance of getting "old" products~

I lost the url where I saw this topic, will update soon

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