Sunday, February 22, 2009

talcum powder ovarian cancer risk

Read about this in Sin Chew Jit Po and it stated that particles in the powder when applied to the genitals can travel to the ovaries and trigger a process of inflammation that allows cancer cells to flourish. Talcum powder is made from a soft mineral called hydrous magnesium silicate, which is crushed, dried and milled to produce powder which is in cosmetic products used by millions.

I was reading Mandarin news and I got above translation here :

I found the explanation for the talc, for those who wants to know more about talc :

Here are the photos i took from my newspaper : (sorry for bad quality )


  1. Actually with all the powder we're breathing everyday we apply makeup, I'm kind of worried too. So whenever I apply my foundation powder, I try to hold my breath for awhile. Don't know if that helps...

  2. oh, at least you concerned about this. Now that only i start to learn avoiding all this harmful chemicals contain in the products...