Saturday, March 7, 2009

ettusais zero pore range

It was Isetan sale and yes, I was there on the last day!!! How lucky~~~
I had always been wanting to try ettusais zero pore skin care range. Since my clarins pore minimizing serum was finished that morning, I had prepared to shop!

My friend and I went to the counter and luckily there was SAs there. I had been to the ettusais counter at Isetan ,The Gardens twice before and there were never SAs there. I thought it was no SAs and I told myself to test the tester and just grab what I want if there is still no one at the counter that day.

As i am concerned about my open pores, the SA told me to try their value packs which icluded a :
  • Zero Pore mask
  • Zero Pore coat
  • Acne nighttime defense
It was really a great deal for getting those items below RM160!! Thus, I did not think much and decided to get this set.

The SA was nice but not the best. There are still spaces for them to improve their services.
However, there is an add-on point to give to them as they give out the really cute and nice paper bag!! It's pink and printed with a lot of small ducklings with a big duckling in the middle which also has the brand;s name on it. It is really cute~~

I had been trying them for about a week and yes, I must said I like the results! However, I need more time to see how will the results last and if there is any break outs later. Reviews are coming soon~~

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