Monday, September 7, 2009

FREE mini make up workshop by Anna Sui@ Isetan,KLCC

SO, I attended the Free Anna Sui mini workshop at Isetan KLCC on a Monday.

I was late and there were only me and another girl,Carmen for this session.She was the model...

It was Grace who gave speech & demo, she had a pair of big eyes >>>>

First, intoduction to the products, especially the foundations :powder & liquid.

Then, demo ~~

making up the eyes

The steps Grace followed:

  1. spray the mist to moisture the face
  2. apply make up base, follow by liquid foundation and powder.
  3. conceal where necessary
  4. Carmen had defined eyebrow and Grace just skipped them
  5. touch up wherever needed before proceeding
  6. apply eye gloss as premier
  7. apply eyeshadow, Grace used the new eye colour which was the shimmer purple
  8. draw eyeliner and curl eye lashes
  9. aaply mascara of volume on upper lashes but full on lower lashes
  10. apply face colour and finish with lipstick

Ta DA~~~



Thanks for her findness of not afraid for showing up here

This was an hour workshop but we had it more~
But it was just a demo, I didn't really have the time to play the produsts with my hands~

I am hoping for other better workshop from Anna Sui.

paying a little is fine, at least we get to try~

This workshop was totally FREE while every participants still received some goodies from Anna Sui!!!!
the goodies bag~~

base + pore treatment sachets + mascara sample

FREE lomographic camera!!!! WHat a steal

THe make up base and foundations sample of the newly launched range

How do I know about this great deal??

because of her,Miu. Check out her blog for some of her thoughts:

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