Monday, July 5, 2010

review: shu uemura mascara

Bought it a while ago

photos from net and so did the description
Ultimate Expression Mascara

What it is:A multifunctional, creamy, textured mascara for ultimate volume and length, with spectacular curl.

What it does:
Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara is a revolutionary mascara formulated to make lashes full and highly defined. It's designed with a unique curl-fixing effect, an ergonomic brush, professionally angled at eight degrees to deliver maximum curl and long-wearing properties, and a professional, clean, smudge-proof finish.

  • simple packaging
  • non-scentes
  • lengthen
  • hold curl
Dislike :
  • does not give volume
  • mine dried up fast
  • pricey ,compare o my fav mascara
I will not purchase it again as I can get better mascara with lower price

results on my eyelash:

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