Sunday, July 8, 2012

review- bits of this and that

  • Watson active firming stretchable mask
I got this as a gift for purchasing magazines in the book fair, i guess. Can't remember... 

this mask is good as it comes in two sheets, top and bottom. I have always hated sheet masks as it is quite troublesome to apply them on the mask without letting the liquid to drip. two sheet masks don't normally have the problem

Result was wise as i'm no sensitive nor allergy skin type. 

It is not considered cheap just like all the masks in Malaysia. Worth a try if it's on sale

  • Pineapple mask
This is also a gift but can't remember from where did I get it....

nothing special or impress about it.... no comment


  • Elianto Ginseng Moisturizing Cream
This is a gift from Elianto during their fair in Mid Valley years ago.. 
I used it on the same day I got it or may be one or two days later...
This is the product that caused me stop shopping from Elianto.
It's a GIFT but it was expired !!! 
I couldnt sure about that when I first used but I was sure there was something wrong about the cream as it smelled like PLASTIC!! a very strong plastic-smell !

I was wondering why but I didn't want to waste it si I gave it a second try.  
It failed me again with the strong plastic smell that I decided to throw it immediately! 

Thank god I did that because a few days later, I consulted some beauticians and all of them told me this was because the product was expired and that's the smell it released!!!

thank you Elianto for being so generous to give out all those expired products free to your customers!!! I spent on your products and this was how you treated your customers??? 

I had never ever get anything from Elianto ever since then

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