Sunday, July 8, 2012

simple cute roses

Did this myself:
  1. base colour, preferably light colour
  2. get at least a pink and white for the roses. I used 3colours: 2 differrent pinks and white
  3. put dome pink dots on nails as prefer, and make them different in sizes 
  4. put white dot on it, follow by another pink if u like to
  5. using a sharp tool, eg: ruler,pen,pencil,toothpick...  quickly do some circling movements on the dots but keep the centre rose-like.
  6. as for some nails, u can do different style like applying stickers or just apply some stripes on it as in my pictures.
  7. dont forget to draw some leave using q-tips or anything sharp on the nails for better results
  8. top coat~
* make sure the dots are not too thick or roses don't look nice



Nail Colours:(sponsored by model)

  • Shinny beige
  • pink
  • purple/violet
  • white
  • green
  • blue
  • sticker fro Daiso

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