Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tried and Finished

What I had tried and finished:

  • Biore make up remover
     it's like Shu Uemura's famous make up remover,oil base and is able to remove heavy eyes make up.
    however, this product irritated my eyes and therefore, I used it only for face. 
   something I won't repurchase as it is not worth the value if I am using for only the face.

  • L'oreal Elseve Damage Care  Shampoo
  I believe many people used or are using this range of shampoo/conditioner. I bought them only because there were on sale and were extremely cheap! the result was only normal, nothing shocked or impressive.

  • Pantene daily leave on conditioner
 This range is the cheapest drug store brands I could find in Malaysia. What I love it is the really low price and the honeydew/melon scent it has. the hair was smooth and moisture when product was applied but The smoothness didn't last long. may be it was due to my hair's condition or the bad quality of the product. Couldn't tell but it's a really money-saver leave on condition.

  • Nivea Sun Block SPF30 PA++
  This is the best and cheapest waterproof sun block available in drug stores, especially when it is on sale.
Good for all kinds of outdoor/water activities. Won't cost you a fortune to be a Snow White while spending the day outside or by the beach.
It does have that kind of waterproof sun block smell but I don't mind as long as it keeps me fair throughout the day outside/by the beach.

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