Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tried and Finished

1. Beaubelle Brightening Cleasing Exfoliator

  Got this from Fabulous Find Beauty Box last year. Not the best exfoliator used but not the worst too, The particles inside were tiny and quite smooth. 

  Not my preference.

2. Beaubelle Multi Defence Total Protection

Came with Fabulous Find  Beauty Box last year. There was nothing special about this.


3. Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

I have fair skin, considering I'm a Malaysian Chinese. There is hardly any whitening serum or moisturizer that really impress me. I like Shiseido but this is not really giving me any obvious result. 

But I like their bottle. Looked really good and pretty.

4. Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk

Since few years ago I tried my very first bottle of Sunplay sunscreen, I fell in love with it and had used up of more than 10 bottles of different types of the sunscreen!

It's always waterly and scentless, though it is not waterproof. I used to use waterproof sunscreen as I sweated a lot during school years. I stopped using them after then and found Sunplay sunscreens are good for the light texture and light scent. 

However, the prices of Sunplay Sunscreens in Malaysia had been given an unreasonable increment. I stopped buying them and only refill when I'm travelling oversea. 

I'm looking for replacement. Biore is under my survey and research now.

5. Paul and Joe Eye Gloss

 I bought this with at least 5 different colours during their sale at Isetan. They were really cheap.

Eye gloss can be used as eye base or eye shadow. I used them as eye base. this is peachy orange which is closed to Asians skin tone, but not mine. It is way darker than my skin. It is good to be used as eye base as it helps the eye make up to last longer.

I bought silvery white, dreamy purple, glittery brown and golden yellow together with this. I had used up the golden yellow and peachy orange at the time of blogging. Am using the silvery white and dreamy purple now. 

Though it is good as eye base, there is this very bad part of this eye gloss which is the sponge applicator can fall off VERY EASILY from the stick! BAD Enough huh? How are we going to get the eye gloss without the applicator??

So I took the stirrer from Mr. M restaurant to replace the applicator. It was not handy but that's the only long stick which fit the tube I could find..... 

I am not going to re-purchase this for the applicator's sake


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