Sunday, November 18, 2012

[travel] Kuching,Sarawak, M'sia

It was a free trip for a package we signed up. Flew with firefly and the destination was Borneo Highland, Kuching. 


Borneo Highland is a property under The Mines. Kinda far from Kuching town, about 1+hour. It is like Fraser hill in Pahang, except it is more undeveloped. 

Borneo Highland is a total nature and relaxing place, regardless the faded resort, everything was not so bad. 

It was cool and refreshing at Borneo Highland. There was only nature here, a big field, some nurseries(cannot remember what they had because we did not visit any).

This post is not meant to focus on Borneo Highland, let's keep it till next time.

After one night in Borneo Highland Resort(BHR), we decided to leave the place as we found it uncomfortable.

So we called a relative of him and voila~ We were on our way to Kuching town!!

We had only oone night and one day left.

We went to this famous Kuching waterfront where you can see Astana on the same night we left BHR.

The Astana

The Astana and its reflection
Here at waterfront, you can see activities/event held time to time. and it is always many people( but not crowded).  Here is a picture of a native of Sarawak performing with their traditional instrument. I couldn't help but stopped to listen until he pulled me away.


 There are some famous international hotel near waterfront: Hilton, Pullman........

A sampan behind the Charles Brook Restaurant.

While you strolled along the rever, these are what you can see.

The clock towers overlooking the river

The square tower


The locals love to play or stroll or hang out here at night.
There are some river cruises here from the morning till evening. not sure about the price .... we missed them.
Also, there are bazaars along the river, not many so they are not annoying~

There are also a lot of heritage buildings and streets around waterfront. Just get off or park your car here, and get ready to explore the history of Sarawak !

On the next day, before heading to the famous Sadok market, we had our breakfast here, Coffee 'o' Corner.
It is located on the way to Sadok market but not sure about the exact location....

Our table number. 

forgot the name but it comes with satay!!!

the famous three layer tea

my all time fav nasi lemak

beef noodle

Enjoyed our local breakfast. Headed to the famous Sadok market after that~

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