Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tried and Finished

  • Vaseline Body Lotion (VBL)
I am a big fan of VBL. Whenever I traveled, I would definitely check the prices in local drug stores and bought some if it is cheaper than Malaysia's.

It's not only cheap, and also smell good and moisture enough for my skin. Love Love Love VBL!!!!


Colgate Plax Mukti Protection Mouth Wash

This was a free gift from local drug store and I like it for its small bottle which is travel friendly. Wasn't really a fan of any mouth wash but I think sometimes we just need one for better oral health.


Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Sootjing White Hydra Essence

I don't really think this essence really help as I,and people around me couldn't tell if I became fairer after using it. Perhaps t helped but the result was not obvious. hahaha....

 It's a drug store brand so the price is reasonable. If it is on sale/promotion, still worth to take home.


L'oreal Professionnel Paris Shine Curl Nutriplus Shampoo

I got it during L'oreal warehouse sale. Cheap but only small bottles available when I arrived. I like the small bottle as it is cute but same with other shampoo, it did not really give obvious changes to my hair after finishing two bottles of it. It did no harm as well~

Wonder when can I find a shampoo that works well on me......


Acca Kappa Lip Balm

Bought this like 2/3 years ago around Christmas. It is totally not recommended!!!

The lip balm itself works wise, just like all the lip balm out there but the very big problem of this is that the lip balm itself is really really soft that once u touch it, it bends! That's why the tube is soooooooo dirty and oily. The cap became easily fall out as well.

Besides, it is white in colour which is not suitable to use it alone. It made me look sick!!
I had to spread it with my finger again after application and put on a lipstick so I wouldn't look sick.

I am glad I had finally finished two of them and I will never ever ever get this again!! For lower/the same price, I can have easier apply and non-visible lip balm from any brands.



Naruko Raw job's Tear Whitening Night Gelly
A very moisture moisturizer. I used it as a sleeping mask when air-conditioner was turned on.

Did not really see the result it claimed on the bottle but I care less. I was only looking for hydrating sleeping mask. It did not last the whole night but I don't see any bads~

Worth to get if it is on sale/promotion. 

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly

Got this together with Naruko Raw job's Tear Whitening Night Gelly when I travelled to Taiwan. Smells like Tea Tree and I love the scent. 

Used as sleeping mask as well and hydrating enough. 



Both Naruko Raw job's Tear Whitening Night Gelly and Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Gelly come with a spatula. I like using spatula when it is a tube. for hygenie purpose

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