Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tried and Finished

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal

It was new when I bought this. Came in a box of 12 if I'm not mistaken. 

It did make my hair smooth, but not lasting. I had really dried out hair ends and for all the products I used, only one did smooth my hair for a short time but none last!!!

I don't like the cap. It is kinda hard to tear off, especially for me. but I like the tube. It is small so easy to bring along for traveling. 

Comparing to all the drug store brands, the price is considered high. If it works on you, worth it. If it doesn't,  never go back to it.


Dove Damage Therapy

I had few bottles of this hair conditioner . It doesn't really work on me but it is cheap and comes in a large tube! Save cost since I have no confident in these hair things anymore.

Just a normal conditioner . Nothing really work or doesn't work for me. 


The Body Shop (TBS) Coconut Shower Cream

Got this and TBS Mango Shower Gel during year end sale last time. I think it's RM 35 for two. 

Cream doesn't lather so I ended up using too much of the shower cream and finished very fast. What a waste! 

The scent is acceptable ,for me. I love the coconut smell. It can be irritating for some. 


L'occitane Dry and Damaged Conditioner

I always love L'occitane dry and damaged hair care collection. Totally in love with the scent!!!! Smell soooooooo good that I kept on playing with my hair. I was always happy or in a good mode when I used the collection. 

However, this collection doesn't do a good job. My hair was smooth during shower, but frizzy and dry when it was dried........ 

Still, I love the scent and will definitely purchase the collection again... 
But they are pricey, so..... ...



Lancome Primordiale Cell Defense

Got it during a L'oreal warehouse sale. Lancome is always pricey, even in a warehouse sale but I decided to give it a try.

Perhaps my tissue was just too stable or what, all these serums/essences did not rally give much changes/result to me, at least non-visible.

I felt nothing, nor people around felt anything different on my face after using it.....@@



Skin Food Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue

I got this sample during my last haul at Skin Food.

This is easy to use, and convenient to be carried around. 

There was oil on the tissue, I ended with an oily hands after using it.
It did it job well. As Remover tissue can be found anywhere, no much surprise it gave me. 

My advise is: compare with different brands before purchasing for an effective and cheap remover tissue. I do not know the price of this but should be a bit higher than drug store brands'.


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