Friday, November 14, 2014

nail art- summer rainbow

Summer Rainbow
As the effect is tend to be like rainbow, it is not necessary to separate the layers with tape
Do no layer the colours so it is not too thick!

  1. apply base coat
  2. apply brown at the bottom part only. make it a bit curvy
  3. apply turquoise curve above brown curve. do not layer
  4. continue with yellow curve
  5. finally, orange on the top part of the nail
  6. apply floral stickers when colours are half dried
  7. apply top coat

Nail colour:
Anna Sui Top Coat
Anna Sui Base Coat
Anna Sui Nail color 501
Anna Sui Nail Dolly Girl mini nail color 105
Anna Sui Nail color N 803
Anna Sui mini nail color 616


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