Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Anna Sui hauls June 2013- part I

So, My haul with Parkson Anna Sui before I got pregnant and if I'm not mistaken, it was also the last shopping with Anna Sui... I couldn't stand any chemical scent during pregnancy  thus, I stopped shopping with Anna Sui. Now, I just don't feel like buying anymore~ the happiest person is my husband , I guessed.

  Have a look ~

these are the free gifts

1) Anna Sui red and white checked tote bag (can be used two ways) - inside is black and white
2) Anna Sui pillow (this is a previous gift which I own 3 now!!) 
3) Anna Sui cylindrical hearts make up pouch- this is sooooo adorable~
From left to right
4) Anna Sui blusher
5) Anna Sui Lip Gloss
6) Anna Sui eye gel (silver)- can be used as eye base or eyeshadow
7) Anna Sui mini hand cream -Rose
8) Anna Sui Perfect Mascara-sample
9) Anna Sui mini glitter lip gloss- vibrant red
10) Anna Sui liquid foundation
11) Anna Sui floral card case

Finally, 11) Anna Sui 4 large paper clips

 forgot about these two lil vials- fairy dance secret wish

Wow, that's many gifts huh? Imagine how much I spent.....
 I don't know about other places but here in Malaysia, the SAs are quite stingy due to company policies. I was a regular customer that's why I could get so many gifts.

However, I don't think the same song can be sung as Anna Sui had been sold to another company which I heard the gifts are less now...... All SAs I knew had left Anna Sui due to bad sales... who knows? I never went back... hahaha

I will share what I bought in next post. 

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