Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anna Sui hauls June 2013-part II

have a  look at my hauls: 

1) AS forbidden affair in a house - 50ml ( RM 200)
  This box is just soooooo adorable that i couldn't not to buy it!! plus, i love the scent of forbidden affair!  

  the box is just so solid and it can be closed! there are two small hooks inside too. this definitely makes good decoration while i can still do a lil storfage ~

2)AS rose ring rouge 302
 this was the new design so as an AS fan I couldn't stop myself from owning one!

(photos are taken  from online sources from no3 to no8)

3) AS shampoo 
rose stly bottle and came with rose scent but not too heavy.
there are other brands giving better rose scented shampoo

 4)AS body scrub
The scent is heavier than shampoop but still not my liking
this is a small tube but last long since I scrub only once a week

 5) AS Shpwer gel
npthing special-
i only enjoy keeping it as psrt of my AS collection

6) AS deep cleansing oil- removing make up
This is the biggest tube and it is not as good as Shu Uemura's but I don't use it for waterproof make up so it is ok for me
Im still using it now

7) AS balancing lotion
im usin git now and it gives no alcohol smell and is quite thick for weather in malaysia 

8) AS limited edition miniature box
This is just so cute and so Anna Sui that I guess no fan of AS would skip it!
Though it's small but it is good for keeping small stuffs like jewelleries, watch,keys....
it can also be used as a portable dresser as it comes with a big mirror

I spent less than 1k but definitely more than 600(RM) for these and also the gifts in previous post.

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