Tuesday, March 24, 2009

review : Design R series body care range

I bought this Design R series body care range last year when my sister was working in Cosway. Cosway is a direct sale company. More info here: http://www.cosway.com.my/

This body range was having a really great promotion that time and I really wanted to try it and asked my sister to get for me.She asked her colleague's opinion and the person said it smelled good. I wanted to know if the fragrance last but she did not get me the answer .. XD

What did I buy?

  • R series deodorant
  • R series body spray
  • R series body powder
  • R series Eau De parfume
  • R series cream parfume

The products are actually have nothing special care except for their sweet and nice smell. There are just the same as the body care range you can find in the market.

The smell was really good and made me feel like a women. ( I am quite a boyish girl~ :P) However, the fragrance did not stay long on me. Neither the body spary, Eau De parfume nor the cream parfume. This caused me to spay them more and wasted a lot of the products and at last, you will be using them up very quickly.

The Eau De parfume and the cream parfume are very handy. You can just bring them anywhere you like since they fixed the pouch easily, especially for the cream parfume. As the fragrance did not last and the container of Eau De parfume is quite heavy(glass), I rarely travel with it but the cream parfume.

Inside of the cream parfume

Box of the Eau De parfume and some info of it

Pros :
  • nice and sweet smell
  • affordable price
  • some products are travel friendly

Cons :
  • only available at Cosway
  • fragrance does not last
  • promotion varied every month
  • no special concern on body
Will I repurchase them?

definitely NO!!! Not even single item.
Why shall I spend money on something with no special concern and having no long-lasting fragrance? I would rather spend the money on The Body Shop, L'occitane, Palmolive....

These are just my thoughts,. If you do like the smell and the packing alot, just try it. Who knows if the fragrance last on you?? :)

I forgot about the lotion from this series too. Thrown when I took the pictures and totally forgot about it... :P
The lotion was moisturised, and smell good. The only thing I hated a lot about it was the formula of it. As for me, my hands / body became very wet after applying the lotion. IT meant it did not absorb fast and caused me a lot of troubles. I will never ever buy any skincare/ cosmetics from Cosway anymore!!!

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