Sunday, March 22, 2009

review: YSL make up workshop part 1

Thanks to Miu from plusizekitten, I managed to register as early bird to attend he YSL make up workshop tru emmagem( last Friday.

My session was at 3pm and I had paid to emmagem before. Since it's a make up workshop, I did not wear heavy but very light make up to the event.clever,huh? haha

I was so lucky because I met with the people from emmagem .One of them is the editor,and the other,sorry, I did not ask what's the position she posed. :P

Back to the workshop!

The YSL international make up artist was getting ready while the models was cleaning her face

First when we reached, we were seated and were requested to clean our face with their new products: 3 in 1make up removal which is water based. It removed my very light make up well, but needed more times and cotton wool for heavier make up.

Then, we apply eye cream, sunblock and moisturiser before the make up demonstration started.I guessed they were waiting for majorities to reach and that caused the workshop delayed for about 30 min.

products on the middle of each table
Everything started from foundation/make up base, of course. The YSL International Make-up Artist., Mr. Patrick Havegheer, used the Top Secrets(make up base) on the model's face. His touch was really light as he loved natural look and thus, that would be our topic today! I am not giving much explanation on the products used and why was it used as you can easily find it online. sorry~

Rebecca was giving an introduction and Mr. Patrick was waiting to be introduced
After Top Secrets, he applied the Perfect Touch(foundaion) with very little potion. Mr. Patrick mentioned as the weather in Mlaysia is hot, it is the best not to apply heavy make up. The make up will not be cakey when it rains or when we sweat. I always applied heavy make up as the model in magazines I read. His words really gave impact to me and I wanted to make myself natural starting from now!!

Coming after foundation, was the concealer and followed with YSL star product -- Radiant Touch~~ Mr. Patick applied the concealer/highlight whatever you wanna call it, under the model's eyes, nose(T-zone), above upper lip, and smile lines! He said that a bright and light base is more important than the colours.Thus, he was more concerned on the light and bright foundation rather than the heavy colours on eyes,cheeks and lips. Then, set your foundation with loose powder or compact powder on your choice.

That's all with foundation demo,We needed to try it ourselves now!!

The make up artists were around to help you. They served fastly and friendly!

Eyes and lips reviews are comind soon.
YSL products we used that day and the inspired look:

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