Sunday, April 12, 2009

review: YSL make up workshop part 2

After the foundation, we were shown the eyes, cheek and lips make up.

Mr. Patrick liked to start the eyes with eyeliner. He used liquid eyeliner which was the new product from YSL. Then, only followed by the eye shadows.

Everyone was trying on their own

He was using yellow as base, continued with purple. He added that the eyes make up can be applied anyway we like. It's not necessary to follow the trend or the make up artist. Besides, Mr. Patrick did not encourage us to use eye lash curler frequently as it hurt our lashes a lot. Use it on those special days only.

After eyes, he did the brows. He kept on telling us to do everything naturally and lightly and as we like. As for the cheek, we can used the remaining colour on the brish to apply on our neck, chin, and the side of nose to make our make up to kook more natural. Lips was just easy. Used any colour and any matching as preferred :
Lipgloss or
Lipstick or
Lipstick + lipgloss...

Finally, look at the mirror and do the final touch up before going out.
Now, what are the bads about this workshop??

The brushes were not enough and we had to share! That was so not hygene!! The make up artists said they had many brushes during the earlier session but had no idea less brush they had now.ALso, the products were only one set per table and we got to share them. If others were using something you needed, just wait!!

The very limited brushes

Besides, I hate the lightning there! It was YELLOW lights and had no enough light to let us see how the colours looked on our face. I tried very hard to used the light from outside but that's limitation and I was very tired to do so...

That was a "weird" thing happened.The workshop was started without any music but suddenly, there was music coming out from the department store's speaker!! what the..... It made us barely heard what Mr. Patrick was talking. Please make sure the speakers are off whenever any workshops are going on! BIG CROSS for the department store and person in charge for this YSL workshop.

However, there were still something really nice.

They were a paper towels prepared for us to tie around neck so the powder from cosmetics would not fall on the blouse~How nice of them to think of it. There was also a personalised advice card for each of us so we could jot down any info or cosmetics we used.

YSL fragrance,love the red bottle's

They were also a lot of make up artists around who were really friendly to help you with your make up and questions. Mr. Patrick went around to see if we needed help and he helped some of us too.
The freindly and helpful mk up artist was helping a participant with her make up

The refreshment prepared were nice too. A big variety of snacks and all tasted very good, especially the chocolate cake. I ate 3 pieces!! can't control myself when I met delicious cake~~ :P

The door gift which claimed to worth RM 120

My seat, near the windows

Comparison of the eyes

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